Metallic Foil

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🌟Make your stuff look splendid and elegant without breaking the bank!⭐

The Metallic Foil allows you to create that special look in home decor and personal accessories without the expense of precious metals. The material of our Metallic Foil sheets is super delicate and pliable. And each page is separated by tissue paper,so it doesn’t all stick together and all of them are protected very well.



The Metallic Foil has a long-lasting luster brightness. Won't oxidize and fade. Add glory to your crafts or home décor. It can be used on anything! This gives full play to your artistic talents. Easy to apply and you can use anywhere you want!



  1. Not easy to oxidize and fade It is not easy to fade and oxidize when exposed to air
  2. Long-lasting luster brightness – These metallic foils are proven to last long once applied on any surfaces.
  3. Easy to apply – Just lay it over to your desired furniture or accessory, and you’re good to go!
  4. Very fragile – Thin gold leaf must be handled with utmost care to prevent tear or breakage.
  5. Wide range of application – Can be used on big or small home items and personal accessories.
  6. Cost-saving – Don’t waste money anymore on pricey decorations, you can level up your furniture easily and in the comfort of your own home without breaking the bank!



  • Material: Gilding foil imitation gold/silver/copper
  • Weight: 40 g
  • Size: 14X14 cm / 16X16 cm



  • 1 pc x Gold / Silver / Copper foil (100sheets)


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